Henry Cornelius Agrippa

One-time rival for the Sword of Emperors, and current party patron.


Agrippa is the Marquis of Anglesey, and a major patron of the arts and charity causes. He’s old money, and has a huge and remote estate to the north of London proper. He’s no slouch at magic, though prefers to study slow and powerful rituals; his advanced age and frail health would make on-the-fly casting a quite dangerous prospect.

  • Hugh MacHugh was going to sell him Maggie’s sword—for £2,000,000! (4)
  • He sent over Lise to buy it from you (7), topped his previous offer, warned he might not take no for an answer.
  • Potentially has a lock of Maggie’s hair (7) after Lise swiped it during your encounter.
  • Maybe was controlling Maggie via that hair when she shot people? (8)
  • Admitted control spell (9), but got attacked from behind and his attacker was responsible for the shootings.
  • Was in coma in hospital, healed by George and Kimiko, apologized for his actions and gave you Lise’s doll back. (9)
  • Has terminal cancer. (9) Wanted sword due to belief he could extend his life with it to further his charity work. (9)
  • You healed him with the karma drawn from the fake-sword-of-emperors, which he had thought worthless. Oh irony! (9)
  • Concerned that the Freemasons are going mad for temporal power amid the Strange Times. Potential information source? (9)
  • Recognizes the Guardians Eternal symbol, promised you a phone call about it. (9)
  • Maggie promised him you would continue to assist him by looking for a way to magically heal his cancer. (9)
  • Reluctantly gave you a loan for artifact shopping after George found a lead to the Sword of the Ocean. (15) Subsequently lost £100,000.
  • After some ups and downs in your relationship, has sworn to offer assistance to you at Omen’s urging. (19)

(Picture is public domain, copied from Wikimedia Commons, of his historical namesake.)

Henry Cornelius Agrippa

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