Warrior caste Fire Dragon (Drake)


Prior incarnation of Kimiko Kojiro.

Attributes: Fire 6 (6), Air 4 (2), Water 5 (4), Earth 4 (3)

Initiative: 10

Karma pool: 40

Wound chart: <8/8/13/18/23/28/33/38. Minor wounds: 9

Hoard: 2

Legacy: Undying Wyrm


Resistant-5, Karmic Restraint-4, Skull Specialist-3, Casting-2, Rapid-1


Ferocity-5, Child of Fire-4, Skin of Stone-3, Shadow Spinner-2, Group Mind-1, Alternate Form-1

Physical Skills:

Athletics-6, Melee-6, Stamina-6, Quickness-6, Ranged-6, Travel-5

Mental Skills:

Casting-3, Knowledge: Survival-2, Senses-3, Will-6

Permanent Fighting Styles:

Archangel, Ravager, Lightning Style

Permanent Spells:



Jaaros is known as “The Eternal Flame,” and wields the Sword of Omens, a blade that shifts form with but a thought. He is the patron (and quasi-deity) of the Senshika, a civilization of the world’s best human warriors, who live on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

For most of the Mythic Age, he lived in a cave on the mountain Garados, on that same island. Then one day his mountain got possessed and started walking toward Atlantis to trample it flat. The dragons stopped it, and Garados went quiet and settled in among the Alps, in what’s now Northern Italy.


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