Kimiko Kojiro

aka. Ayane Toshiko


Modern-age reincarnation of Jaaros. Female.

Attributes: Fire 5 (4), Air 3 (1), Water 4 (1), Earth 4 (0)

Initiative: 8/21

Karma pool: 20

Wound chart: <8/8/12/16/20/24/28/32. Minor wounds: 4

Wealth: 3

Background: Covert Operative

Sire: Nehebkau

Awakened Rank: 32

Legacy: Undying Wyrm


Dervish-2, Katana Specialist-2, Deft-2, Fluid Fighter-2, Mentor-2, Daunting-1, Brutal-1, Karmic Restraint-1, Elite Training (Katana and Swordbreaker)


Ferocity-5, Skin of Stone-4, Shadow Spinner-4, Instinct-2, Group Mind-1, Heightened Hearing-1, Heightened Scent-1, Alternate Form-1, Child of Fire-1

Physical Skills:

Athletics-3, Melee-4, Stamina-3, Quickness-3, Ranged-3

Mental Skills:

Interaction-4, Ka-1, Knowledge: Survival-2, Knowledge: Street-1, Research-2, Senses-3, Stealth-4, Tech: Mechanics-2, Trickery-4, Will-2

Weapons and Armor:

Katana, Recurve Bow, Meteorite Sword Breaker (base damage is armor-piercing), Kevlar Vest

Fighting Styles:

Eastern Medium, Entrapping Defense, Luring Blade, Archangel, Eastern Small

1 Quickened initiative dice from Instinct.

2 Able to unleash a rage granting the benefits of +1 AR until calmed.


Kimiko is known to most of the world under the name Ayane Toshiko – the author of “Secrets of the Dragon Soul,” a new-age book that allegedly describes how to get in touch with the power of the dragon that lies within us all. She’s visiting London – where her book has surged in popularity as people look for answers amid the Strange Times – on an extended book tour.

In reality, this was a cover story for her real mission: to investigate the Strange Times on behalf of a shadowy ninja clan called the Ryukage. She was making some real headway – tracking down leads through the secret society of the Freemasons – when things got interesting. She started experiencing the memories and powers of one of the dragons her clan has long revered.

Due to her lifetime of training, Kimiko immediately understood the nature of her new powers – but not their full implications. And as she continues to search for answers, news of her change is not being taken too well back home – there’s a faction of the Ryukage that sees this as a naked bid for power on the part of Kimiko’s uncle …

Kimiko Kojiro

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