First came to your attention as head of Atlantis’ Assassin’s Guild; didn’t take kindly to nonhumans muscling around on her turf, but aided you when it became clear that your goal was to foil the murder plot. Launched herself into a suicidal attack at a titan spellcaster (which saved you from a Disintegrate spell), because she had to show them that humans weren’t to be trifled with. Jaaros, enamored by her show of unflinching strength, took her as a lover (which would recur throughout the mythic age).

Shortly thereafter, she got stabbed with a soul-stealing knife. You later recovered it and restored her soul to her – but it didn’t completely work. Her soul is a shadow of what it’s supposed to be; she goes through her lives never remembering more than her past 20-30 years of existence.

Has a habit of reincarnating in a wiry, athletic body, just on the tall side of average, with a buzz haircut. Currently Lise D’Fleur.

Lily – Atlantean Assassin’s Guild head, with tribal-ish tattoo under eye (guild symbol). Human.

  • Showed up in disguise when the Atlantean politicians came to settle their accounts with you, and asked to leave the city with you. (7) Jaaros said yes.
  • Slapped Jaaros and accused him of killing a human who made love to her (9). Then ran off through the palace and got backstabbed. (9)
  • Well, Jaaros didn’t do it, but someone sure seemed to want to frame him for it. (12)

Heather – Bundled-up woman in The Cold Times in a cave with a scattering of unfamiliar dragons and people.

  • Worked with Ness to start the Guardians Eternal. (7)
  • Ness later remembers wishing that “Heather” had come along to the castle; she was always much better at the lockpicking and stealthy stuff … (12)

Iris – Elite archer in the Senshika mercenaries circa IV 5500.

  • Fought on Jaaros’ back as you attacked the aerial tower. (21, 22)
  • Got killed by Jaaros’ brother as the two dragons fought. (22)

Yuri – Sister of the Senshika chief; no-nonsense warrior. (23)

  • Jaaros met her while retrieving his scale pendant. She was about 65 at the time, exhibiting significant amnesia. The conversation got a little philosophical.
  • “How did we first meet? Was I a good warrior? … I have dreams of killing people. Standing over them with a knife. It’s the only thing I remember from before I got old. I hope I didn’t kill anyone you liked.” (23)


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