Lise D'Fleur

A master thief out of her depth.


Once upon a time in the mythic age (cf. Lily), she got stabbed with a soul-stealing knife. You later recovered it and restored her soul to her—but it didn’t completely work. Her soul is a shadow of what it’s supposed to be; she goes through her lives never remembering more than her past 20-30 years of existence.

In her modern incarnation, Guinevere Chambaud (aka eight billion other names, most prominently “Lise d’Fleur”) is a flamboyant woman who freelances for exclusive clients as an “acquisition specialist”, and “acquires” expensive jewelry on her off hours. Trying to rob Henry Cornelius Agrippa was a mistake, though, and now she’s entangled in a supernatural war where her consummate stealth skills mean very little. And these strange people calling themselves dragons keep running into her, and claiming that they used to know her …

  • Mysterious figure from charity ball; Sirhilach says she’s an internationally renowned thief (7), McSweeney calls her a terrorist (9).
  • Has triggered several flashback scenes, but does not seem to share in them with you. (6, 7)
  • Got VERY startled when Ivan glommed onto her at party. Saw you talking with Sirhilach. Immediately left, and escaped via bathroom when tailed. (6)
  • Sirhilach noted she seemed to know him but not vice versa. He is researching her identity. (6)
    • Good disguise, apparently.
  • Showed up at your hideout looking for Maggie (7), passed along an offer from Agrippa for the sword. (7) But first got startled by recognizing you, bolted, and led you through an athletic chase across the street and back. (7)
  • Got hauled by a werewolf out of a backstage locker in the wrestling arena. (8) Even though she was at the arena to steal the sword, she gave it back when you saved her. (8)
  • She’s helping Agrippa get the sword because she’s his niece (8). This struck you as odd because she’s French. She shrugged it off, saying that noble bloodlines are all sorts of tangled.
  • Wait! Turns out Agrippa manipulated her into believing that after she tried stealing from his charity ball (9). Her real name is something French and peasanty.
  • The whole “terrorist” thing comes from a botched job in Scotland some time back. There was property damage. McS wasn’t amused. (14)
    • Father Shane was tangentially involved in some ambiguous way. There was a Claymore. As in, the mine. (14)
  • This whole thing is getting too crazy for her and she wants out. And there’s a huge self-esteem issue here too: As a mere human surrounded by supernatural beings, she’s gone from an invincible legend to a barely competent pawn. (10)
    • You’ve convinced her to stick with it – most recently, via Lockholm referencing Lily’s defiant words in Ep 6 (20) – and she’s providing what support she can.
  • Stole you £50,000, until a routine investigation in the wake of Gehenna’s tampering traced the bank transfer back to her and locked both your accounts. (14)
  • Is trying to trace Anagorais (via the bell bracelet) for you while you’re in Japan. (19)

Lise D'Fleur

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