Sir Arthur Lockholm

Your inside man at McSweeney's.


Modern-age reincarnation of Sirhilach, a Titan Scribe. Male.

Attributes: Fire 3 (1), Air 6 (3), Water 3 (1), Earth 5 (1)

Initiative: 9

Karma pool: 15 (Titan scions are Earth x3, not Earth x5)

Wound chart: <3/3/6/9/12/15/18/21. Minor wounds: 5

Wealth: 3

Background: Private Investigator

Sire: N/A

Awakened Rank: 3

Legacy: N/A


Trivia-2, Karmic Restraint-2, Network-4 (Police, Gov’t, Science, Crime), Ally-1 (Dr. John Watkins, AR 0 human), Aspect Advancement (+1 Air), Sage-2 (Knowledge: Science), Skill Expertise: Interaction, Skill Expertise: Senses


Clarity-1, Mythic Leap-2, Gaze of the Predator-3, Heightened Senses: Sight-3, Heir of the Storm-5

Physical Skills:

Athletics-4, Quickness-4, Ranged-4, Travel-1

Mental Skills:

Interaction-6(11), Ka-2, Medicine-2, Research-4, Senses-6(11), Stealth-4, Tech/Electronics-2, Will-2

Knowledge Skills:

Law-4, Geography-2, Modern Culture-2, Mythology-4, Occult-4, Science-6(2/sc1), Street-4, ANY-02

Weapons and Armor:

Sword Cane (club M/5, blade L/8); H&K P2000 US (L/22, 100’, reload 2/4, ammo 13); Kevlar Vest (AV 10, SC 4, WR 3)

Fighting Styles:

Eastern Small

1 Rerolls granted by edges, see edge descriptions for details.

2 Via Trivia edge


Sir Lockholm is an occasionally absent-minded detective with unparalleled analytical skills—skills which make him the backbone of Special Agent G. McSweeney’s secretive government organization. You first crossed paths with him when investigating the cultists who attacked you and burst into flames; his employers had also taken an interest in the deaths, and Lockholm caught Kimiko sneaking into the organization and recognized her as a fellow supernatural being.

Since then, he has shared flashbacks with you (including watching you kill his cruel, domineering family in the mythic age); assisted with both your modern and mythic concerns; tried to represent your interests to McSweeney and keep you out of trouble; and pledged his loyalty to you now that the Seven Siblings are reawakening. He has been dancing around an old mutual unrequited crush on his former adversary Lise D’Fleur—they go way back, to when Lockholm was an INTERPOL agent assigned to her.

Lockholm also seems to have some sort of fashion anti-superpower. His outfits (metaphorically, not literally) make people’s eyes bleed. He dresses in such wretched style that people try to ignore his presence out of sheer self-preservation. Arguably this is what powers his Gaze of the Predator effect.

  • Sidekick? = Dr. John Watkins (“Watkins, sir.”), who apparently works at Equibiogent
  • Halted Equibiogent breakin. “I’m not a friend … yet.” (3) Set up a game of information exchange.
  • Later found Kimiko to let you know the Equibiogent tests had come up negative (4) and that you’ve gotten on McSweeney’s bad side.
  • Asked to meet you at a party to hear your side of the story of the recent chaos, since he spotted Maggie’s healing efforts (5).
  • Listened attentively, asked good questions, not pushing coverup. Still hasn’t figured out that damn riddle though. (6)
  • Has warned you repeatedly that he’s directly working with McSweeney, but he seems to be developing into your ally. (6)
  • You called him after the subway shootings and he agreed to meet you and listen. (8)
  • He disrupted McSweeney’s arrest plans after you promised him Maggie was mind-controlled and you were going to deal with it. (9)
  • Stood up to McSweeney and threatened to quit unless McS backed off of you for long enough to put things together. (9)
    • This has caused some job friction and he went on unpaid leave. (12)
  • Made commitment to help you against the Siblings as he did during the Mythic Age; they’re a bigger threat than McSweeney can handle. (12)
  • Rehired by McS under really urgent circumstances. (19)
  • Not particularly liked by the human agents of LN7. (20)

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Sir Arthur Lockholm

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