Maggie Aden


Modern-age reincarnation of Sabia. Female.

Attributes: Fire 4 (3), Air 3 (3), Water 4 (2), Earth 5 (2)

Initiative: 7(11)

Karma pool: 23

Wound chart: <4/4/8/12/16/20/24/28. Minor wounds: 5

Wealth: 4

Background: Paramedic

Sire: Ryu

Awakened Rank: 4

Legacy: Green Lord


Karmic Item-4, Karmic Release-2, Action Junkie-1, Arsenal-1, Daunting-1


Nobility-5, Gaze of the Predator-4, Rapport-3, Heightened Senses: Hearing-2, Alternate Form-1

Physical Skills:

Athletics-4, Melee-4, Stamina-2, Quickness-4, Ranged-6, Travel-4

Mental Skills:

Interaction-4, Ka-4, Know/Street-4, Medicine-4, Research-4, Senses-4, Trickery-5, Will-4

Weapons and Armor:

The Sword of Emperors (enhanced Cavalry Saber, M/12); 2x Browning Pro 40 (L/23,200’, reload 1/4), Kevlar Vest (AV 10, SC 4, WR 3)

Fighting Styles:

Gun Fu, Entrapping Defense, Eastern Medium

1 Reroll granted by Action Junkie edge.


Maggie Aden

Sibling Rivalry Alice