Mr. Snuggles



Ivan’s pet kitten. Host to Anagorais when wearing the enchanted bell collar.

  • Mew (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Meee—cough I say, chaps. (7)
  • Now a reluctant source of occult and/or mythic-age information. Very reluctant. VERY—ooh, cat treats! (8)
  • Made with the bitey on Ivan: ”#2,143”. Apparently still not quite over the thousands-of-deaths thing. (9)
  • Per Sabia: NEVER put the bell again on something with opposable thumbs. (9)
    • ... Or else Anagorais might get free. Like she did just now. CRAP (19)
    • ... also, mew (19). MR. SNUGGLES IS BACK! =.= (but not Anagorais …)

Photo by Flickr user urban_spaceman used under Creative Commons license. (Source)

Mr. Snuggles

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