Letter from Omen (Ep. 20)


“I’ve managed to buy you some time. Durmirok and Koriirok should leave you alone while they adjust to the shift in the battlefield. The dragonslayer is more of a wildcard than I would prefer – avoid him for now. I recommend you use this time wisely – regroup, gather allies, build your strength, and strike back while Durmirok and Koriirok are still off balance. If you can separate them and remember their weaknesses, you have a chance. -Omen.”


Given to you by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, who passed it along without reading it.

It was given to him by his housekeeper, who came to him wearing Anagorais’ bell as a wristband (and carrying the bell-less Content Not Found: snuggles).

Letter from Omen (Ep. 20)

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