Image Credits

The majority of the images in this campaign are used under Creative Commons license; I’ve done my best to include attribution on the pages where the images appear.

Notable exceptions:

The map of London in the Maps section was taken from Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

The black-and-white character faces were created (by me, Baxil) with Ultimate Flash Face.

The banner image was created by me, Baxil, using the following Creative Commons-licensed source images as a base:
Soldier at Gettysburg by Ryan B Schultz
Helsinki sunset by taivasalla
...lo que queda por hacer by claudio_ar
Posing Silhouettes by Brendan Biele
Dragon y Luna by Aztlek

The banner is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (i.e., feel free to adapt it for your own noncommercial use, with credit). Contact Baxil if you’d like the source file so you can easily change or erase the text.

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Image Credits

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