Omens Quest Ep 11

Once upon a time, you visited Lephirok in search of guidance. The following is a transcription of what Omen told you during your first meeting.

NESS: This is the Dirge Speaker?  This child?

Who else could I be? Only innocence does not know enough to fear the truth.

I know why you have come, Shining Ones. Better than you yourselves do. But if I tell you now, you will not heed my words.

So why did you seek – I should say, why do you think you seek – the sage who sees the destiny and the hidden frailties at the heart of all things?

JAAROS: How will I affect the world? / Who is plaguing me?
SABIA: Are our actions going to result in a better world?
BA'HA: I see the rise of humanity; how may we keep a dark age away?
KIRU: Are we causing harm in the world's flow?
NESS: What are we doing that might cause trouble in the world?

I see. You came because of your fears. What troubles the heart of a Shining One is serious indeed.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, the universe was perfect. Cold. Ordered. ... Dead. Only when imperfections arose could life exist. Poised on the balance between Order and Chaos.

You Shining Ones are beings of pure Life. Ancient. Powerful. But I and my brethren are beings of pure Chaos. Manifestations of a primordial force beyond even your imagining.

Now … there is no such thing as a being of pure Order. You cannot incarnate perfection; it is one, all-encompassing. So what this means is that I and my brothers are the closest thing this world has to true Gods.

All living things fear us. They are right to fear us; when life falls into our domain of chaos, it is lost. But, we do not seek to destroy Life. We are the ones who created it, after all.

... You know all this, yes? You are no mere mortals. You would not approach the fearsome Omen unprepared.

Let me ask you a hypothetical question, oh being of life incarnate. How would you treat me if you believed that Chaos were actively against life, and sought only to destroy?

We'd fight back in self-preservation.

... Of course, that would only be sane.

I’m sorry, I do ramble on. You had a question for me. May I test you, to see if you are strong enough for my answer?

What does that involve?

Simple. I will merely tell you the fate that lies in store for you – that which has already come to pass in the future of this world.

(At this point Omen pulls you aside one by one into a separate room, though due to your mental link, each of you hears everything that’s said.)


  • (To Jaaros) Your death will be a waste. Meaningless, valueless. Such a tragedy, there will not be a single being around to be saddened by your passing, only the sound of hollow laughter.

    JAAROS: It is not by our deaths we will be measured, but by our life.

  • (To Sabia) You will live to see those who you nurtured end all that you love. You will know your guilt before your eyes last close.
  • (To Ness) All your knowledge, dedication, friendships, sacrifices – the things you control will all one day fail you. You will have nothing left but the cold whims of fortune.
  • (To Kiru) Your death will come in the darkness, surrounded by foes.


(At this point, she addresses the dragon you now know as Ba’harokk. She calls Ba’ha by another name. In your flashback, the word is muffled and indistinct; however, you instinctively know that whatever was said is the name you called him by at the time.)

  • ((OLD NAME)) will eternally perish today, by my hand.

(Omen pulls out the Blade of Chaos and attacks. Ba’harokk evades her. The rest of you rush to help, but the side room is blocked off by mystic energy. Ba’harokk tries to subdue, then kill the child, who shrugs off all counterattacks, taunting him all the while.)

Come now, did you think that escaping immutable fate was so trivial?

It is foretold. It is as though it has already happened. Why do you struggle?

... Good, good. (stands down) Then we must talk.

I do know why you have come today. You have come to kill me.

Something is turning the gods crazy. I have seen my brothers’ actions grow darker. Nor am I immune. Inside me is a seed of festering hatred that I can feel slowly bloom.

I trust this knowledge into your hands. But – the world must not know.

Don’t you see? If Life knows that their gods are crazy, your mightiest warriors will rise up against us, and fight for your survival. This cannot be allowed to happen. We are not your enemy. We are a symptom of a growing darkness that will envelop your world. If we are treated as a cause … the true darkness will grow unchecked.

Still, we must be slain—or when the darkness strikes, we will make it unstoppable.

There is one among us who normally performs such a task, when we avatars of Chaos have been corrupted. Ha’barokk. The Hunter. He keeps watch over us. We in turn keep watch over him. But this balance has been destroyed. Habarokk is missing. Even I cannot trace his whereabouts. If he were lost to us I would know. He is not gone, just … missing.

And there are none else we fear. No Shining One has power over our domain. You – ((OLD NAME)) – must become one of us.

It will make you an outcast among your people – it will make your name eternally an object of fear and awe. They will say you are insane, to defy the gods themselves, to tear down the balance of this world.

But you must accept. That is why I sowed those doubts in your mind – to bring you to me.

And that is why you must kill me. Because what I did to you is only a taste of things to come should you refuse.

General party discussion.  Ba'harokk accepts the task.
SABIA: Blood of my blood ... I will stand beside you.  We are true kin.
NESS: The fate of my broodmate is the fate of the brood.

Each of us has a weakness. You will soon learn mine. My siblings … unfortunately, the power that I give you will not extend quite that far.

May I?

Omen stabs ((OLD NAME)) with the Blade of Chaos. The weapon does no physical damage. But suddenly you can’t remember your broodmate’s name.

I greet you, brother. Ba’harokk, Hunter of the Unkillable.

Knowledge floods into Ba’harokk’s head (and thus all of yours): The weakness of Lephirok, the Dirge Speaker, is for her to be told her weakness.

Take the spell in the book under my throne. It is powerful but very specific. I ask only that you use it to resurrect me into mortal flesh. But be warned – if you cannot control me … someday you may face me again, and it will not go so well for you that time.

Omens Quest Ep 11

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